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Accelerated B.S. to M.S. in Recreational Therapy

Students who select this option are interested in an advanced practice graduate degree in RT. This option allows students who want to begin earning their master’s degree in PRTM with a concentration in RT while simultaneously completing their bachelor’s degree. In their senior year, students begin taking graduate courses that will satisfy both undergraduate RT electives and count for graduate credit. Students will graduate with their bachelor’s degree after their senior year, but will continue fulfilling their graduate requirements post-graduation. After completion of their graduate work, they will graduate with their master’s degree. Anticipated time frame of the B.S. to M.S. program is 5 years total.


  • Completed the bachelor’s curriculum through the junior year (minimum 90 credits)
  • Minimum overall grade-point ratio of 3.4.
  • Form GS6-Bachelor-to-Graduate should be completed and signed by the student and relevant faculty members, then returned to the Graduate School, E-108 Martin Hall. The form can be found here:

Senior Year Fall Semester: (12 credits+, 6 grad level)

PRTM: 4220: Management of Recreational Therapy in the Health Care Environment (3)
PRTM 4260: Trends and Issues in RT (3)
PRTM 8010: Philosophical Foundations in PRTM (3)
PRTM 8710: Applied Research in RT (3)
Electives as needed to graduate

Senior Year Spring Semester (6 credits at grad level, plus electives as needed)

PRTM 8110: Research Methods (3)
PRTM 8730: Advanced Theory and Application in RT (3)
Electives as needed to graduate

Summer between years-

PRTM 4050: RT Internship (if not already completed)
Finalize research protocol for Fall

M.S. Year 1 Fall Semester (13 credits)

STATS 8010 or PADM 8410: Statistics (3)
PRTM 8720: Advanced Facilitation Techniques in RT (3)
PRTM 8750: Program Development and Consulting in RT (3)
PRTM 8910: Thesis hours (3) (data collection)
PRTM 9100: Research Seminar (1)

M.S. Year 1 Spring Semester (11 credits)

PRTM 8080: Behavioral Aspects of PRTM (3)
PRTM 8740: Management of the Clinical Process in RT (3)
PRTM 8910: Thesis hours (4) (data write up)
PRTM 9100: Research Seminar (1)