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Honors & Awards

Awards Information

Awards are given by the college in a number of categories. They are awarded at the CECAS Honors and Awards Day Ceremony in early April (previously the CES Honors and Awards day). Please fill out the CECAS Student Information Form and submit it to be considered for these college-level honors and awards. The questionnaire is intended to summarize all of your credentials: proof of academic excellence, extracurricular activities that demonstrate leadership abilities, athletic interests, and abilities, concern for others, and broad interests in all phases of life around you.

CECAS Student Information Form

College Awards

CECAS recognizes a remarkable group of student honorees each year.

Blue Key Academic and Leadership Award: As a result of funds generated from Tigerama, an endowment has been established to give an award to one student in each of the seven colleges at the University who has distinguished themselves in terms of academic scholarship and campus leadership.

J. Wesley Davis Leadership Award: The J. Wesley Davis Leadership Award is given in memory of Dr. J. Wesley Davis, a graduate of Clemson University in electrical engineering and a former president of the Clemson University Engineering Foundation. This award is given to a senior engineering student for outstanding scholarship, leadership in a student engineering organization, and a high potential for success in the engineering profession.

Jacquelwyn Willis Anthony Award: This award, established by alumna Janine Anthony Bowen, honors her mother as a source of inspiration and encouragement during her college career. This award is presented to a student for distinguished service to PEER, which is the support network for minority students in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences.

Outstanding Graduate Researcher Award: This award is given to one graduate researcher who has been recognized by faculty for conducting outstanding research during the school year.

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award: This award is given to one graduate teaching assistant who has been recognized by faculty, students, and fellow graduate teaching assistants as exemplary in undergraduate teaching.

Outstanding Senior in the School of Computing or Applied Sciences: This award is given to the outstanding senior in the School of Computing or Applied Sciences and is on the basis of scholarship, character, and other factors demonstrating the recipients’ integrity in the field of Computing and Applied Sciences.

Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award: The Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award is given to one undergraduate researcher who has been recognized by faculty for having shown outstanding research potential in their field of study.

Phi Kappa Phi Certificate of Merit: Each college is invited to select one student to receive this award. The student must be a graduating senior with a GPA of 3.4 or above and have made noteworthy contributions in such areas as leadership, service, and creative endeavors to his/her department, college, and Clemson University.

Robert W. Moorman Award: Dr. Robert W. Moorman was the son of Commandant Thomas Moorman, a graduate in civil engineering and head of the Engineering Mechanics Department from 1958-1974. The Roberts W. Moorman Award is given in his honor to the most outstanding junior in engineering on the basis of scholarship and character.

Robert W. Snelsire Diversity Prize: The Robert W. Snelsire Diversity Prize honors the memory of Dr. Bob Snelsire, a professor of electrical engineering who was also a champion of underrepresented students in the college. This award recognizes a student who has been of service to PEER, Programs for Educational Enrichment and Retention or WISE, the Women in Science and Engineering Program.

Samuel B. Earle Award: Dr. Samuel B. Earle was Director of the Engineering Department from 1911 to 1933 and Dean of the School of Engineering from 1933 to 1950. The Samuel B. Earle Award is given in his honor to the most outstanding senior in engineering on the basis of scholarship and character.


Dean's List - Students achieving a grade point average between 3.50 and 3.99 on a 4.0 scale.
President's List - Students achieving a perfect 4.0-grade point average.

Award Recipients

Every spring, CECAS recognizes outstanding students for academics, service, research, teaching, and leadership.

These awards showcase the outstanding achievements of some of our undergraduate and graduate students.

Award Winners