4-H Volunteers

Become a South Carolina 4-H Volunteer today and help create life-changing experiences for youth in your community! 

Find the 4-H program nearest you by contacting your local County Extension Office.  You can call, email or visit your local 4-H office to learn how to make an impact in your community.  

Pictures from our 2018 4-H Volunteer Leaders Symposium

We had a great time at our 8th annual Volunteer Leaders Symposium!!! It was a great day of learning, networking, and fellowship with others. The event was held Saturday, August 11, 2018, at Midlands Tech - Northeast Campus in Columbia, SC. Feel free to add to our online photo album linked above.We look forward to seeing you all next year! Save the date for Saturday, August 10, 2019. 

National 4-H Volunteer Connections, hosted by the Volunteer Conference of Southern States

National 4-H Volunteer Conference hosted by the Volunteer Conference of Southern States invites volunteers, faculty, and staff to propose sessions for next year's conference. Look for the request for proposals coming in winter 2019.  

Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton, GA

SAVE THE DATE: September 26-29, 2019 (Thursday - Sunday)

Pictures from our 2018 National 4-H Conference:

We CU Volunteer

Check out our We CU Volunteer, the South Carolina 4-H Volunteers' Newsletter, for 4-H program highlights, articles, and monthly activities to try in your club!  Each month's newsletter features a 4-H Club Activity Idea that you can use.  Each activity is aligned to the Targeting Life Skills Model and can be adjusted for various age levels.  Keep Ages and Stages (PDF 0.2MB) in mind when facilitating club activities!  To subscribe to the South Carolina 4-H Volunteer distribution list, CLICK HERE.  Thank you!!!

Volume 4: 2018-2019 Club Year
Issue 1 PDF 1.2MB e-Newsletter September 2018  Meet and Greet
Supplement 1 PDF 3.8MB e-Newsletter October 2018  Citizenship & Science
Supplement 2 PDF 0.5MB e-Newsletter November 2018  Presentation Contest
Issue 2 PDF __MB December 2018  
Supplement 1 PDF __MB   January 2019  
Supplement 2 PDF __MB   February 2019  
Issue 3 PDF __MB   March 2019  
Supplement 1 PDF __MB April 2019  
Supplement 2 PDF __MB   May 2019  
Issue 4 PDF __MB   June 2019  
Supplement 1 PDF __MB   July 2019  
Volume 3: 2017-2018 Club Year
Issue 1 PDF 9.6MB September 2017 Principles of Precipitation
Supplement 1 PDF 1.7MB October 2017 Oobleck Exploration
Supplement 2 PDF 3.5MB November 2017 Natural Ornaments
Issue 2 PDF 3.5MB December 2017 Snow Fun
Supplement 1 PDF 1.0MB e-Newletter January 2018 For the Birds
Supplement 2 PDF 2.4MB e-Newsletter February 2018 Doodle for Google
Issue 3 PDF 5.4MB e-Newsletter March 2018 Binary Bracelets
Supplement 1 PDF 1.2MB e-Newsletter April 2018 Grocery Games
Supplement 2 PDF 1.2MB e-Newsletter May 2018 Plarn for the Planet
Issue 4 PDF 5.5MB e-Newsletter June 2018 Musical Vibrations
Supplement 1 PDF 1MB e-Newsletter July 2018 Wildflower Seed Bombs
Volume 2: 2016-2017 Club Year
Issue 1 PDF 14.5MB September 2016 Back to School
Supplement 1 PDF 2.4MB October 2016 Fair Favorites
Supplement 2 PDF 4.1MB November 2016 Putting your Imagination to Work
Issue 2 PDF 8.4MB December 2016 Glitter Germs
Supplement 1 PDF 2.4MB January 2017 Candy STEM
Supplement 2 PDF 3.4MB February 2017 Why Judge Livestock?!
Issue 3 PDF 15.2MB March 2017 Let the Imagination Roll
Supplement 1 PDF 4.9MB April 2017 Heart, Part of the Clover
Supplement 2 PDF 2.4MB

May 2017

Musical Paper Bags
Issue 4
PDF 2.4MB June 2017 Summer Bucket List

Supplement 1

PDF 6.2 MB July 2017 Pinhole Projection
Volume 1: 2015-2016 Club Year
Issue 1 PDF 3.1MB September 2015 Fall Vegetables & Herbs
Supplement 1 PDF 5.7MB October 2015 Importance of Clean Water
Supplement 2 PDF 4.3MB November 2015 Importance of Service Development
Issue 2 PDF 6.4MB December 2015 Lemon Lights!
Supplement 1 PDF 2.5MB January 2016 Bag Mittens
Supplement 2 PDF 1.5MB February 2016 Health, Part of the Clover
Issue 3 PDF 10.4MB March 2016 Bigger, Better Bubbles
Supplement 1 PDF 3.1MB April 2016 Communication is Key
Supplement 2 PDF 3.7MB

May 2016

Mosquito Mitigation
Issue 4 PDF 9.1MB June 2016 Heat Advisory!
Supplement 1 PDF 11.7MB July 2016 Hide and Seek


Glen Krohn Award

Do you know a 4-H Volunteer that deserves recognition at South Carolina 4-H's highest level?!  The Glen Krohn Award recognizes outstanding volunteer leadership in the 4-H program. It is named for the late Dr. Glen Krohn, retired Assistant Director, Family and Youth Development. Dr. Krohn was a strong believer in volunteers throughout his career, having as one of his philosophical mottos the statement, “Volunteerism is the price you pay for the space you take”.  Nominations are due to the State 4-H Office every year on May 1st.  Details on the one-page nominations can be found here (PDF 241KB).

2018 Award Recipients:

  • Vivian Johnson, Sumter County
  • Stuart Rochon, Chester County
  • Lori Thomas, Dorchester County

Club Performance Recognition

Club recognition systems exist to recognize clubs for their performance. Clubs may strive to reach specific standards of performance just as individual club members work to achieve standards. South Carolina 4-H provides four levels of recognition -- bronze, silver, gold, and emerald for 4-H Club attainment. Each of the four levels of standards is available for clubs to achieve. The Standards of Excellence for 4-H Clubs and Groups can be found here (PDF 0.1MB). Submit forms to the State 4-H Office by June 1st annually. 

  • BRONZE Clover, club receives a BRONZE Clover Certificate and name printed in the 4-H newsletter.
  • SILVER Clover, club receives a SILVER Clover Certificate and name printed in the 4-H newsletter.
  • GOLD Clover, club receives a GOLD Clover Certificate and name printed in the 4-H newsletter.
  • EMERALD Clover, club receives an EMERALD Clover Certificate, name printed in the 4-H newsletter and name in a news article submitted to the local newspaper for publication.

Volunteer e-Forum

National 4-H Volunteer e-Forum was a 3-part, web-based interactive series held at Extension offices and other locations across the country during the fall of 2017.  If you missed e-Forum, don't worry.  Click the date below to view the recorded session!!!

• October 5, 2017 - Cultivating an Environment for Growing True Leaders

• November 2, 2017 - “STEM”ming into Animal Science, Growing True Leaders

• December 7, 2017 - Helping 4-H’ers Grow in Life & Work

Youth Leadership Opportunities

In effort to better communicate potential leadership opportunities for youth, we developed the Leadership Flow Chart (PDF 1.5MB) for Junior and Senior 4-H members in South Carolina. 

Training Opportunities

Here are two opportunities for training for volunteers.  When you have completed the training and the quiz, please print and submit the certificate to your 4-H Agent for their records.

Important Forms

Below are the official South Carolina 4-H forms for 4-H volunteers, members, and clubs.  Once complete, these forms should be returned to your local Extension office.

South Carolina 4-H Volunteer Specialist:

T. Ashley Burns, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, 4-H Youth Development
Clemson University Cooperative Extension
2057 Barre Hall
Clemson, SC 29634