Club Recognition

4-H Ambassadors in Greenville County

4-H Ambassadors in Greenville County

4-H Club Recognition

The following is a starter list of suggestions. Clubs are encouraged to develop their way of recognizing their membership. Clubs have the flexibility to select awards and recognition strategies that most closely relate to the individual personality of its members. It is important to remember that every member receives some form of recognition during the year.


4-H Officer

Members who have represented an office for a club or teen council for the past year may be recognized for their peer leadership.

4-H Membership 

Recognition pins may be given to youth for each year they competed as an active 4-H member in good standing.

4-H Spirit 

To recognize that member who consistently exemplifies the 4-H Spirit.


  • Members may make a small homemade card, craft, scrapbook, or baked good annually to thank their volunteers for their efforts throughout the year.
  • Members may write a letter to the editor for their local newspaper recognizing their volunteers.