Online Resources for Horse

Horse Institute
  • Horse Institute is a course designed to enhance the understanding of horses and horse-related items from any aspect of the horse industry. Students will develop a deeper understanding of breeds of horse, the history of the horse, tack, body systems, equine management and much more. The course uses an online platform called Schoology to provide students with lessons, resources, and discussion questions. Youth may register for this online course by using 4HOnline (
  • Click here to view the course syllabus. (document attached)
  • Attached are directions on how to register

Horse Judging Online Course
  • This course is a one-stop-shop for all the resources available to South Carolina 4-H. Education videos and resources will be constantly added for you to learn how to properly evaluate horses. This course also uses the online platform Schoology. Youth do not have to register to participate. Click here for direction on how to login on to the course. (document attached)