Dairy Heifer Project

Dairy Heifer Project

About the Project

Any 4-H or FFA member, age 9-17, can raise and show a registered dairy heifer in the South Carolina Dairy Heifer Project. This project began in 1974 and was designed to provide boys and girls who have non-dairy backgrounds an opportunity to raise a dairy heifer and experience the dairy industry. Project members learn how to care for, manage, train, and show their animal while exploring the world of dairy cattle for 18 months. At the conclusion of the project, all the heifers are sold at the South Carolina Dairy Bred Heifer Sale before they begin milking. For more information, read the Project Handbook.

Join the project by completing the following:

Dairy Heifer Project Handbook (PDF 0.7MB)

Dairy Heifer Project Application (PDF 0.6MB)

Dairy Heifer Project Agreement (PDF 0.2MB)

Animal Caretaker Promise (PDF 0.1MB)

Any active 4-H or FFA member, age 5-17, can raise and show a registered dairy heifer for 20 plus months in the South Carolina Dairy Heifer Project. Interested youth submit applications May 1 through June 15. If application is accepted, participants will randomly draw for their dairy heifer at the Heifer Project Kick-off to be held July 23, 2021 at the Union County Fairgrounds. Currently, there are four breeds of dairy cattle being used in the project: Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, and Guernsey. Producers continually support this project by providing high-quality heifers to project youth at a largely discounted price. Participants are expected to pay for their heifers, in full, at Kick-Off. There may be financial opportunities available to help offset the initial cost of a heifer.

Current Project Members

Below are forms, records, documents, and information for those currently participating in the South Carolina Dairy Heifer Project. Age division is based on the age of 4-H member on January 1 of the year project heifer was received. 

All Project Member Information
Blank Monthly Record Sheet

Project Members

Record books can be complete by any South Carolina 4-H member. Youth do not have to participate in the Dairy Heifer Project to compete in the SC 4-H Record Book Contest.

Want to help?

These projects require amazing and generous people to keep going. If you would like to help, here are a few ways you can do so:

  • Contribute funds to the youth dairy program to help fund dairy activities.
  • Provide registered dairy heifers to the Heifer Project.
  • Attend and/or purchase a bred heifer from the Dairy Bred Heifer Sale at the SC State Fair.
  • Provide or sponsor printing services for the Bred Heifer Sale catalog to help offset costs for the project.
  • Provide dairy-related items to be given to youth as awards or educational materials.
  • Sponsor awards or supplies for the State Dairy 4-H/FFA Contests.
  • If you have other ideas on ways you can help, don't hesitate to contact us!