Healthy Habits Summit

This program is designed to train a team of 3 youth and 1 coach in the skills necessary to implement a Cooking Like a Chef day camp in their local community. This year, the program is scheduled for April 2 in a central part of the state. During the day various chefs will provide demonstrations on various cooking techniques followed by the preparation of the various recipes that will be utilized during the summer day camps.  The weekend allows youth and coaches to begin the planning process for the summer Cooking Like a Chef Day Camps.

  • Who can attend the Healthy Habits Summit?
    Each county can send a team of 3 youth and 1 coach to attend the Healthy Habits Summit. These individuals must commit to conducting a Cooking Like a Chef day camp in the summer.
  • How old do you have to be?
    This program is designed for Senior Level 4-H’ers (ages 14-18) but county agents are at the discretion of adding a Junior aged youth with cooking experience if needed to fill a team.
  • How do I apply?
    Registration is open February 9-March 25.
  • How much does it cost?

    $15 per attendee (youth or adult)

  • Where is it held?
    Phillips Market Center at the State Farmer’s Market
    117 Ballard Court, West Columbia, SC 29172
  • When does it take place?
    The Summit will be held Saturday, April 2 from 10am-4pm. Participants are required to commit help plan and run a Cooking Like a Chef Day Camp in their county sometime during 2022.