The youth will practice and gain confidence in communicating in a variety of situations. They will learn to present oral reasons, plan and present speeches, communicate assertively, practice making a good first impression, critique information, and mentor one another.

  • Record Book Keeping
    A record book helps youth to set goals, track time and expenses, and identify the knowledge and skills they have gained through 4-H. Parents and other adults help youth set realistic goals at the beginning of each year. These goals and the tasks needed to reach them will be documented in “My 4-H Project Record Book” and throughout the year, youth will update their record book to indicate which tasks they have completed and what they have learned. Adult volunteers will review the record books at the end of the year, provide suggestions to each youth on how to overcome obstacles that prevented them from reaching their goals, and ideas on new goals for the upcoming year.  My 4-H Project Record Book (1.21 MB, PDF) – Record Book Score Sheet (PDF)
  • Resume Writing
    The 4-H Cover Letter and Resume are designed to help Senior 4-H Members highlight their overall 4-H achievements as well as academics, organizations, clubs, and any work experience.  Only those achievements that most closely relate to the stated objective or are most meaningful to the youth are included. This teaches youth how to prioritize and summarize their accomplishments while creating a professional document.  Resume Guidelines (PDF) – Sample Resume (PDF) - Resume Score Sheet (PDF) - Cover Letter Guidelines (PDF)
  • Portfolio Development
    The 4-H Portfolio is designed to help Senior 4-H Members prepare a comprehensive summary of their involvement in the 4-H Program and the impact it has made on their life. A portfolio is a collection of items and information that documents growth and achievement over a period of time which can include written work, artwork, photographs, videos, animated powerpoint, or other items. They must be presented in such a way that they convey meaningful information and show knowledge and skills developed, through the 4-H career.  Portfolio Guidelines (PDF) - Portfolio Judging Score Sheet (PDF)
  • Interview Skills
    As youth progress through the 4-H program, there are several leadership positions, National trips, and scholarship programs for which youth must interview.  The youth are taught how to prepare for an interview (research), given practice questions, project confidence, and handle difficult questions. Tips are also provided on how to dress, give a proper handshake, posture, and other etiquette information. Interview Guidelines (PDF)