County Level Leadership

Leadership in the County

Junior Leaders

The purpose of 4-H Junior Leadership is to teach youth ages 11-13 the importance of understanding themselves as a leader, the value of teamwork, realistic goal setting, communication skills, community service learning, and money management. Through the completion of a county-wide training, these youth will be prepared to assist their volunteer club leader with various aspects of club leadership and organization. 

County 4-H Teen Councils

The purpose of the County 4-H Teen Council is to serve as the teen-age leadership team that assists in planning and implementing various countywide initiatives and events. Under the guidance of an adult volunteer advisor, these teens expand their leadership responsibilities as they become role models for the county-wide 4-H program. 

County 4-H Advisory Committee

The purpose of the County 4-H Advisory Committee is to give feedback to the county related to the 4-H and overall Extension Program. Individuals are requested to serve on the committee for a specific term. All advisory committees are a representation of the demographics of the county.