Leadership at All Levels


Club Level Leadership Programs

Members of a 4-H Club may be elected or appointed to an officer or committee chairman position.  These leadership roles allow youth to begin learning responsibility and accountability as chairmen are taught the fundamentals of planning and conducting business meetings, facilitating group discussion, and the basics of Robert’s Rules of Order.

County-Level Leadership

There are more options available for leadership at the county level.  As youth move up in age and responsibility, more experiences become available.  These leadership roles help provide the experience for youth to take on state leadership roles once they get into high school.

State Level Leadership

When youth are at the high school level, there are some wonderful options available for youth to participate and become great leaders in the 4-H community as well as in their community.

National Level Leadership

National 4-H Congress and National 4-H Conference are the two premiere experiences for high school youth.  There is a selection process to be able to receive these high awards.