South Carolina 4-H Natural Resources

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Natural Resources

Several state-level projects are offered in the area of Natural Resources including wildlife, gardening, forestry, water, and shooting sports! Counties have a variety of Natural Resources Programming (PDF 0.9MB) available.  Contact your local county office to find out more about programs that are offered in your area.  

The field of Natural Resources, including ecology and conservation biology, is becoming an increasingly important area of study as we learn more about the influences of human activities on ecosystems and seek to build a more sustainable society. The world is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, but the problems associated with their conservation are immense. Protecting rare and endangered species, preventing and controlling invasive species, preserving old-growth forests, restoring degraded ecosystems, and balancing the resource demands of industry and the public are just some of the environmental issues we face!  As a 4-H'er involved in Natural Resources programs, you’ll learn methods for confronting some of the world’s most pressing problems, be an advocate for the environment, and understand the science behind the issues!  

Select one of the areas below to learn more about our state-level programs:

4-H2O: Exploring Watersheds (an on-the-water, summer science camp for kids!)

Forestry (a hands-on judging experience for high school-aged youth!)

Honey Bee Project (an independent-study project exploring the world of pollinators!)

Shooting Sports (certified instructor training's and 4-H club structure for 3 disciplines of shooting sports:  archery, air rifle, and shotgun)

Small Garden Project (an independent-study project digging onto plant science and food production!)

Wildlife Food Plot Project (an independent study project promoting habitat for game and other animal species!)

Wildlife Habitat Education Program - WHEP (a hands-on environmental education program that provides participants an opportunity to test their wildlife knowledge.)

South Carolina 4-H Natural Resources Program Leader:

T. Ashley Burns, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, 4-H Youth Development
Clemson University Cooperative Extension
2057 Barre Hall
Clemson, SC 29634