Personal Development

Personal Development
  • Arts and Crafts
    Youth may choose from drawing, fiber, and sculpting to develop their artistic skills and talents. All the activities focus on exploring the elements and principles of design and encouraging the development of skills for a lifetime.
  • Babysitting / Child Care
    Youth learn about self-care, rules, responsibility, how to handle their emotions, and safety. The babysitting topics of basic infant and childcare, educational games, nutritious snacks are covered along with business management tips.
  • Clothing / Textiles
    The learning begins with the basics of sewing construction before moving on to teaching youth how to develop their fashion sense and the skills needed to create a unique style of their own.
  • Consumerism
    Youth will experience what it means to be a consumer through saving, spending, and sharing. Youth learn to understand the influence of peer pressure, the power of advertising, and the expanding Internet market as they learn to make smart shopping choices.
  • Performing Arts
    Although acting is the primary subject matter, youth will create sound effects, make puppets, do improvisations, create disguises, and design costumes. Youth will learn how to express themselves clearly in an exaggerated manner that is seen on stage and screen.
  • Photography / Video
    This fun and informative activity teaches everything from seeing the shot and choosing subjects, to understanding picture composition, flashes and film types, concepts of lighting, focusing on careers, and digital photography and files.