COVID Update:

Following consultation with SCDHEC regulatory staff and in accordance with Clemson University directives to temporarily limit direct public interaction, in-person CEPSCI classes scheduled before June 30, 2021 have been transition to "online" classes.

Important Information

This year the CEPSCI team in partnership with SCDOT will provide training covering aspects of South Carolina's current NPDES Construction General Permit (SCR100000) with additional material specific to the SCDOT NPDES Construction General Permit (SCR160000). SCDOT certification will consists of two days, while personnel seeking recertification are required to attend a separate half-day class.  Those seeking certification will be required to attend the first day of class and pass the qualifying exam scheduled for the following morning. This series of classes is limited to SCDOT employees, SCDOT Prime Contractors and SCDOT DBEs.

Classes begin: 8:30 a.m.


SCDOT Certification Classes

This process mimics our CEPSCI Initial Certification Class but will include additional information specific to the SCDOT NPDES Construction General Permit.  SCDOT personnel seeking certification must attend both days, taking the exam on the second day.

SCDOT Online Certification Agenda

September 29-30, 2021


SCDOT Recertification Classes

This process is similar to the CEPSCI Recertification Class. In addition, it will include information specific to the SCDOT NPDES Construction General Permit. 

June 9, 2021


SCDOT Class Registration and Payment


Online registration is available by request only (this is new for 2020 and will require immediate payment). All others, please follow the directions below.

Email the CEPSCI program for registration (include the following information):

    1. Registrants first and last name
    2. Class date and if it is for certification or recertification (CEPSCI number for recertification)
    3. Mailing address
    4. Registrants email
    5. SCDOT employee number and district
    6. Driver's license number

A registration confirmation will be send by email.

Registration must be in a timely manner prior to the class date to ensure a seat and materials.

This series of classes is limited to SCDOT employees, SCDOT Prime Contractors and SCDOT DBEs.

SCDOT Payment and Fees

    • SCDOT certification class, exam and materials - $395.00
    • SCDOT recertification class and materials - $275.00
    • SCDOT technical class only (limited to PEs, Tier B Land Surveyors and RLAs) - $345.00

The technical class is intended for those qualified persons seeking to obtain knowledge concerning erosion prevention, sediment control and specifics relating to site inspections. Attendees under this designation will not become certified through the program or receive a CEPSCI card. PDH certificates are available upon request.

One invoice will be sent to the Columbia SCDOT headquarters office at the conclusion of each class. As requested, the invoice will contain all registration information above.

SCDOT Prime Contractor and DBE Payment and Fees

Fee structure is the same as outlined above. Please contact the CEPSCI program for online registration and invoicing.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.