Agricultural Mechanics

FFA logo, future farmers of americaUnderstand systems, master fundamental technical skills and solve problems in the workplace or in entrepreneurial projects.

In this class, students work with basic electricity, concrete, equipment, structures and construction, arc welding, and small engines.

This socially distant interactive ag lesson prompt asks you to choose 3 tasks you can safely achieve at your home.


SAFELY AND PROPERLY accomplish any 3 of the following tasks this week:

Machinery: Adjust/check hitches, belts, or drives; check and inflate tires to proper pressure; or perform a recommended periodic service job on a piece of machinery at home.

Electricity: Using manuals or information from the manufacturer online, calculate the cooling load of your home refrigerator when it is full and when it is empty.

Equipment: Test and service batteries, charging, lighting, or wiring; measure/estimate increased energy consumption by your family in a week at home. Propose 2 actions to reduce overall energy use.

Structures: Measure your home and produce a scaled drawing of the layout; or complete a project using power or hand tools.

Small Engines: Clean and/or adjust the carburetor on a small engine; remove and sharpen the blades on your lawn mower; or perform a recommended periodic service job on a small engine at home.