FFA logo, future farmers of americaTo foster a better understanding of wildlife and natural resource systems, wildlife habitat management, and wildlife management principles in South Carolina and throughout the united states.

In this class, students study all aspects of wildlife including aging, sexing, identifying, and making decisions in species and habitat management.

This socially distant interactive ag lesson prompt asks you to complete 3 tasks you can safely achieve at your home


Complete the following 3 tasks:

Identification: Identify and document 10 wildlife species found in your community.  Include a picture and the proper name for each species.

Interesting Facts: Choose 1 specimen and create a ½ page story about the specimen that includes 3 interesting facts about the species.

Habitat: Choose a different species and write a ½ page report describing the habitat needed for the species to survive and prosper and ½ page drawing of what that habitat would look like.