SC Agricultural Education resources for COVID-19

  • SCDNR "Bringing the Outside In" series

    Bringing the Outside In" series:  Ways to connect with the outdoors while staying indoors!

    Our educators and biologists are offering a series of online programs every Thursday at 3 p.m. Each program will last about 30-45 minutes with live chat options for an interactive participant experience.

    Coastal Resources Trivia - Thursday, April 23th 3-3:45pm

    Time to test your knowledge of South Carolina’s coastal and marine resources! You can play as a family team or go head to head against your household and friends. Competitors can play along on any computer or smart device. Questions will cover topics such as South Carolina’s favorite coastal critters, native plants, and SCDNR fun facts. Winner will receive an SCDNR prize!

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  • Tips and Tricks for Distance Learning

    Check out these tips and tricks to make National FFA educator resources more usable at a distance. Choose the resources that match your distance learning needs.

  • FFA Educator Resources Free Online
    Check out these choice boards available on
    • FFA Fundamentals:This choice board is designed to help students quickly learn FFA basics while exploring
    • Scavenger Hunt: These choice boards facilitate student exploration across all facets of as well as AgExplorer.
    • SAE Video Choice Boards: This document serves as a resource to incorporate supervised agricultural experience (SAE) videos into the classroom.  These videos allow students to learn about and develop/enhance their SAE projects.
  • Socially Distant Interactive Ag Lessons

    Schools are closed and Ag Shops are empty, but that doesn’t mean that Agricultural Education and FFA is cancelled!

    You can now continue “learning by doing” from home in a series of Socially Distant Interactive Ag Lessons designed to happen in (or around) your own home with the supplies you have on hand.

    Please ensure local school district safety guidelines are followed before assigning any activity. 

  • AgExplorer Virtual Field Trips and Student Handouts Available

    Over the past few years, we’ve taken virtual field trips to major U.S. agriculture companies via AgExplorer. Student handouts are available to accompany these learning opportunities and are specifically designed to be added to learning management systems or other e-learning platforms. 

  • Enter the Pivot Bio #FFAVideoChallenge

    Now through April 13, FFA members from across the country are invited to share their continued agricultural education and projects from their homes and farms as part of the Pivot Bio FFA Video Challenge. To enter, FFA members are asked to self-produce and post video on Facebook or Twitter, highlighting the projects or work they are doing to continue their agricultural education. All videos must tag Pivot Bio (@PivotBio), the student’s FFA chapter and use the hashtag #FFAVideoChallenge. A total of 25 winners will be randomly selected by Pivot Bio from eligible entries submitted and will receive $250 for themselves and $250 for their FFA chapter. Review a complete list of rules.

  • iCEV

    iCEV offers free, no obligation, temporary teacher and student subscriptions available for school closings.

    Below is our newsletter for this month. It has lots of good links to help. Below is information on how we can provide online distance learning help to both current and non iCEV subscribers at no cost. 

    Special important notes to help with school closings

    Current iCEV subscribers

    If you are a current subscriber to iCEV online, we are providing free, no obligation, temporary student subscriptions at no cost until the end of the semester.   This may help you with current distance learning issues.   If the students have internet devices, they will be able to have access to video and PowerPoint lessons as well as interactive activities, assessments, and certification modules.  iCEV does have current, state approved, industry endorsed student certifications available.  I can share that information with you upon request.  Online test proctoring is available if allowed for distance testing in your state.

    Not a current iCEV subscriber?  We can help!!

    iCEV is offering a free, no obligation, temporary teacher subscription with access to our full library. It also includes student subscriptions for each students this semester. This will be available at no cost until 8/16/20. This subscription can be used for courses, modules, and/or as a resource.   Students could also be completing student certification modules at home. Your state does have state approved; industry endorsed student certifications available. iCEV certifications do have online proctor capability and may fit in with testing plans in your state. I can provide you with a list of state approved certifications upon request.

    If interested in the free pilot, please email Glenn at with the information below and she will get you set up ASAP.

    • Teacher name
    • Teacher email address
    • Subject area
    • School name
    • Total student subscriptions needed.

    iCEV tutorials and resources

    Click on each of the You Tube videos to help you learn the use of iCEV online.  These were made by my co-worker in Virginia.   The format of using iCEV is the same for all CTE clusters.

    There are also other tutorials available at