Mother’s Milk Bank of South Carolina Milk Depots

Seventeen South Carolina (SC) counties experience infant death rates well above the state average.  The highest rate of infant death occurs when infants are born early (pre-term) with very low birth weights.  Research now shows that breastmilk provided to these preterm infants can increase their rate for survival.

Program Description

The SC Mother’s Milk Bank offers donation sites across the state.  These donation sites collect mother’s milk and distribute it to low birth weight, pre-term infants.  The Extension office in your county serves as a Milk Depot, or collection site. Adding these milk depots will increase access to collection sites, making it as easy as possible for county mother’s to provide donations to the SC Mother’s Milk Bank.

Program Characterization

To ensure a supply of breastmilk for all SC infants who need it,

  • Eligible women who are breastfeeding their own babies donate milk to the SC Mother’s Milk Bank
  • Women bring donations to Milk Depots, now established at some Cooperative Extension County Offices (Anderson, Barnwell and Williamsburg counties)
  • Donations are sent for pasteurization and then distribution to pre-term infants in hospitals across SC
  • Health Extension Agents trained as certified lactation consultants provide trouble shooting, general assistance and group support to milk donors

Program Eligibility

If you are a woman breastfeeding your baby who is less than 12-months old and you would like to be a milk donor, talk to your physician, lactation consultant, or health extension agent.  These professionals can refer you appropriately for eligibility evaluation.