School Wellness Checklist Program

MUSC Boeing Center for Children’s Wellness is partnering with Clemson University Extension to bring strong children’s wellness initiatives to schools. This collaboration aims to make schools healthier and to prevent the incidence of childhood obesity in SC.

Initiative description

Participating schools will use the MUSC BCCW School Wellness Checklist© as their action guide to implement wellness initiatives. The initiative will provide participating schools with resources and training for school gardening projects as well as being connected with partners in the community to assist with their school wellness efforts.

Initiative Characteristics 

A Health extension agent who is trained in school wellness best practices will be connected with schools in participating districts. 

  • Agents will work to provide trainings and guidance to schools on improving nutrition and increasing physical activity.
  • Agents will serve as the communication hub to connect schools with resources needed for implementing their own wellness initiatives.    

Initiative Eligibility

  • School district must apply for participation in the initiative
  • District Superintendent must provide a letter of support
  • If you’re interested in having this initiative in your school, contact your local Health Extension agent