Clemson golf ball seating in the turfgrass

Pesticide Deactivation

Activated charcoal (also called activated carbon) is often used to adsorb or deactivate organic contaminants from waste waters and in water purification systems. Since most pesticides are organic chemicals, activated charcoal can effectively be used to deactivate or "tie up" these products in soil. Once the pesticide has been adsorbed onto the activated charcoal, it is biologically inactive and cannot cause injury to the turfgrass. Therefore, this product can be beneficial to turfgrass managers in the case of an accidental pesticide spill or where a herbicide needs to be inactivated for seeding or sprigging of turfgrasses. Due to its dark color, thus an ability to absorb heat, activated charcoal is also used to artificially warm the soil to minimize the effects of light frosts or to allow earlier seeding of an area. Read more ...

Bert McCarty