Clemson golf ball sitting on green turf

Weeds in Specialty Turf Areas

In portions of the United States, numerous weed species have developed resistance to members of the sulfonylurea herbicide family (e.g. Telar, Oust, and Escort).  Roadside managers are encouraged to follow these weed control practices to prevent sulfonylurea resistant weeds:

  1. Tank-mix sulfonylurea herbicides that have a different mode-of-action (e.g. Roundup, 2,4-D, etc.).
  2. Do not let weed escapes go to seed in areas treated with sulfonylurea herbicide.
  3. Respray problem areas with herbicide that has a different mode-of-action than sulfonylurea.
  4. Rotate the use of sulfonylurea herbicides with herbicides that have a different mode-of-action.  Read more about specialty turf areas...