SC Master Gardener Volunteer Reporting System

What are some benefits to reporting your hours?

  • Helps your MG Coordinator!
  • Provides Accurate Program Data!
  • An Effective and Convenient Way to Report!
  • Please help us promote the impacts of the SC Master Gardener Program! We need SC Master Gardeners to report their hours in this system. Only when volunteers report their hours can we show the world the true impact that you make in your community.

Reporting System Login


We've tried to make the reporting system simple and easy to use.  Click here to download instructions.

What happened to the old reporting system?

The old system has been replaced with a new, user-friendly system. Please use the Reporting System Login for reporting all volunteer and continuing education activities beginning July 1, 2018.  The old reporting system may be accessed for reference only.  Please do NOT enter any new volunteer or continuing education activities into the old system.
View Old Reporting System