Who We Are


Clemson Extension will be the trusted source of unbiased, research-based information relating to agriculture, community, environment, food, health, and youth in South Carolina.


We improve the economy, environment, and well-being of South Carolinians through the delivery of unbiased, research-based information and education.

Guiding Principles

As Clemson Cooperative Extension works to fulfill our vision and mission, a set of seven fundamental principles guide our decisions. We believe that these guiding principles are more than just words - they are our North Star. We all own them. They embody the unified culture we expect; the spirit of unity we have, and our sincere dedication to doing what's right for each other, for our Clients and for Clemson University.  They are the foundation of what makes Clemson unique – the purpose, the power, and the privilege of being a Clemson Tiger.

Therefore, We:

  • Are trustworthy and reliable
  • Work in collaborative teams
  • Create innovative solutions
  • Respect and serve all without bias
  • Promote fair and ethical behavior
  • Are engaged listeners who respond
  • Deliver excellent service

Code of Conduct

An Extension employee should understand, believe in, and uphold Cooperative Extension as a profession.
This includes:

  • Knowing what Extension is and understanding its mission
  • Supporting Extension and allied institutions
  • Being responsive to clientele
  • Supporting colleagues in their work
  • Maintaining effective public relations
  • Communicating through appropriate channels on matters relating to regulations and legislative affairs

An Extension employee should know and competently present appropriate subject matter.
This includes:

  • Maintaining high standards for their subject matter, and admitting lack of knowledge if and when necessary
  • Deferring to or collaborating with others when appropriate
  • Properly relating their own subject matter to the total Extension mission
  • Having a willingness and desire to continually develop and improve their own competencies

An Extension employee should accept the responsibilities of being a public employee.
This includes:

  • Being fair, courteous, and respectful to others in all work situations
  • Maintaining an open mind and seeking to understand the viewpoints of others
  • Respecting confidential information
  • Not allowing self-interest to endanger the effectiveness of Extension
  • Understanding that personal actions and viewpoints, when expressed publicly, impact Extension and your professional reputation
  • Not accepting personal gifts and favors for service
  • Not endorsing particular commercial products or services
  • Maintaining a professional appearance and office