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New Graduate Student Orientation: Welcome!

Graduate Orientation - Main Campus :: Monday, August 21

In collaboration with the Graduate School, we have set the August 2017 Graduate Orientation date. Students are encouraged to participate in several activities beginning at 8:00a and lasting throughout the day, including convocation, orientation, breakout sessions and eclipse viewing. We will open online registration beginning June 1st.

A unique aspect to this date is the total eclipse occurring over Clemson, SC Monday, August 21 from 1:08-4:02pm. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see this eclipse in Clemson as the last time it occurred was in 1790. As a result, many colleges are planning special eclipse programs and events during mid-afternoon Monday, and we will not overlap any orientation programs for graduate students during this time. Additionally, no satellite orientation programs will be created (e.g. ICAR or Charleston), as we are encouraging students to come to Clemson and view this historical natural occurrence.  

Any department-specific orientation programs have the opportunity to utilize Tuesday, August 22.

FYI: International Orientations will be held the week prior to classes beginning; We will communicate final dates when they have been confirmed.

Should you have any questions about Graduate Orientation, topics covered, or specific details we are happy to discuss. Additionally, if you would like support to establish or revamp your departmental-specific orientation we are happy to assist in anyway.

Rebecca Atkinson

This orientation is open to any graduate student matriculating in spring 2017. There is no fee for orientation, but registration is required. Participants will be engaged in the program from 9:00am-5:00pm on Clemson’s Main Campus in various building locations. More information will be sent to all registered participants. Click Here to Register.