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Plan of Study

Degree-seeking master’s and specialist’s students must submit the GS2 by the middle of their second semester. Doctoral students must submit the GS2 no later than the beginning of their fourth semester of study. The final version of the student’s GS2 must be on file by the date specified by Enrolled Services (find this information in the Graduation Deadlines Calendar), or a late fee of $25 for the first day and $5 for every additional day will be charged.

  1. 1 Go to the iROAR portal and select the "Current students, faculty and staff" option (login required).
  2. 2 On the next screen click the iRoar button iRoar Button located under the "Current and Future Terms" heading.
  3. 3  From here click the Student buttoniRoar Student Button.
  4. 4 Select the Registration tabiRoar Registration Tab that appears just below the student button, and you should now see several options including the GS2 links.

From here, you have access to both the GS2 Committee Selection and to the GS2 Plan of Study. Please review the Helpful Hints below before you move forward in setting up your plan of study.

Note: If you have questions about, or routing issues with, completing and submitting your GS2 Plan of Study, or if you need to make changes to an existing GS2, please email your program coordinator first. Most GS2 issues should be resolvable within your department. If you have a technical (IT) issue with your GS2, please email Kace Costello at and copy Graduate School staff members do not have access to the GS2 workflow.

Helpful Hints

  1. When selecting your committee, please discuss the process with your Program Coordinator or the department chair before speaking with individual faculty. Your first task is to find a committee chair. Then speak with faculty members about their willingness to participate on your committee. Once you have their verbal agreement, then complete the Committee Selection Workflow on your SSB portal. When all committee members have accepted the request to be on your committee, then you may prepare the Plan of Study.
  2. It is recommended that you enter the Committee Chair first and then enter your remaining committee members.
  3. Before sitting down to enter your GS2 Plan of Study, have a completed list of courses that your committee members have tentatively agreed would satisfy your academic course requirements.
  4. When moving up and down in the form, use the scroll option on your mouse.
  5. Not all departments require the term that you have taken or will take a course, so check with your program coordinator about departmental preference.
  6. If you are taking the non-thesis option, make sure that you have discussed with the program coordinator any other requirements that may need to be completed. For example, will a GS7 be required?
  7. Transfer work can be listed by selecting courses numbered 6999, 7999, and 8999, then adding an explanation in the transfer block.
  8. Remember, once you hit submit, you will not be able to alter your GS2 until everyone has approved or someone has denied your plan.
  9. Note the two blocks at the bottom of the page when entering any information. You MUST click the update box before submitting it for approval.