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Plan of Study Frequently Asked Questions

My Committee Members did not receive a link to access and approve my GS2. Can you resend the email?

Your Committee Members can access any pending GS2's from their WorkFlow dashboard, which they can access via iRoar or through Please keep in mind that the GS2 process works in a linear fashion meaning only one person will have access to the form at a time. Only the person that currently has access to the form will be able to see it on their WorkFlow dashboard. Once that person approves your GS2, the system then emails the next person on the list, and they will then be able to access the form.

To access the Workflow Dashboard through iRoar:

  • Go to iRoar, iRoar button
  • and click the Faculty Services button faculty services button
  • Next, click the workflow admin tab .workflow admin button
  • From there the faculty member should be able to see a list of workflows that are waiting on their approval.
  • They can click directly on the items in the list, or they can click the Workflow button workflow button to go their dashboard.
My GS2 has been approved by one or two people on my committee but is not moving forward. Why is it stuck?

Generally the next person on the list may have missed the email, or the email was sent to their clutter folder. Please email that person and let them know that the GS2 is waiting on them in their WorkFlow dashboard

If they do not see the pending Workflow, then it is possible that the person before them clicked the Approve or Deny checkbox but did not actually submit their decision. You can email them with the GS2 WorkFlow dashboard link to double check this error.

If you are still having issues, please contact us at the Graduate School so that we may look in to the issue further.

My Committee Member is unable to access the link. What is the problem?

Since GS2's deal with sensitive student data, a Committee Member must dual authenticate to access the form through Clemson's network. Dual authentication is simple to setup using the DUO app or by setting up a phone number to recieve a call for authorization or a text. More information on how to setup dual authentication can be found on CCIT's 2FA page.

I have submitted my Committee Selection. Why can't I submit my Plan of Study?

If your Committee Selection is still pending, then you cannot submit your Plan of Study. The system requires you to have a completed Committee before it can publish your Plan of Study to the database.

If your Committee Selection has completed and you are still unable to submit your Plan of Study, please get in touch with the Graduate School so that we can look in to this issue further.

My previous committee shows up on my Committee Selection. I am now pursing another degree so I need to select different members. What should I do?

Your previous committee needs to be inactivated first. Please contact Shannon Coker to request your prior committee to be inactivated, and be sure to include the prior committee type (Non-thesis, Thesis or Dissertation).

After you have been notified that your previous committee has been inactivated you can then access your GS2 Committee Selection again. Your previous members may still show up in the list. At this point, you will just need to remove each Committee Members name by clicking the remove button to the left of their name. To change the Chair just click on the current chair’s name. This will give you the list of eligible Faculty members so that you may select your new Chair.

If any of your questions have not been answered, please email the Graduate School and we will be glad to help.