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Theses and Dissertations

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The Graduate School is pleased to introduce — new for the Spring 2018 term — Your Clemson University Thesis or Dissertation: Guidelines, Tips & Tools, a guidebook assembled, edited and maintained by the Graduate School’s communications and manuscript review staff with input from the University’s administrators, faculty, and graduate students. We thank the Office of Enrolled Student Services, Clemson Libraries, and Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT) for providing information on record-keeping, archiving, and technology training.

The guidebook organizes all information from this Theses & Dissertations portion of the Graduate School's website into one file, allowing us to streamline the web pages. The PDF file is fully searchable and interactive, with a linked table of contents and working links throughout the text.

The instructions, recommendations and procedures outlined in Guidelines, Tips & Tools draw from years of tradition — several centuries of scholarly publishing norms as well as decades of Clemson University Graduate School formatting standards — but they also reflect the changing technology that brought us from print publishing into digital publishing and archiving and the global electronic dissemination of research scholarship.

By detailing the six essential steps of the formatting and submission process and collecting supplemental information in three appendices, Your Clemson University Thesis or Dissertation: Guidelines, Tips & Tools aims to provide all the resources and links you’ll need to complete your thesis or dissertation, and to help you present a work that you, your advisory committee, your department, and Clemson University will be proud to share.

Steps in the Electronic Manuscript Submission Process

  • FORMAT: Format your manuscript according to the Graduate School’s requirements.
  • DEFEND: Defend your thesis/dissertation, make any revisions required by your committee, and submit your signed GS7M or GS7D form.
  • CONVERT: Convert your manuscript to a PDF file.
  • SUBMIT (upload for review and publication): Follow the instructions for uploading your manuscript for review. Please note: you must read through the information on the SUBMIT page prior to uploading your manuscript. PRINTED HARDCOPIES are not accepted for review or publication.
    Please be aware that there are no longer any fees required to upload, publish and archive your thesis or dissertation.
  • WAIT FOR RESULTS: You will receive a results email within approximately one to two business days. If your manuscript is approved, you have finished; congrats!
  • REVISE: If revisions are required, you will need to make those revisions as detailed in the email from Manuscript Review, convert your revised document to PDF, upload, and wait for a response again. This process will be repeated until your manuscript is accepted. Be aware that most manuscripts require at least one round of revisions. Also, your manuscript will not be approved until Enrolled Services has received your signed GS7 form and updated your status in their database.
               [PhD candidates ONLY: Complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates.]
  • BREATHE: You’ve finished. Congratulations!

Additional Resources

Read details online about each step in the manuscript process using the buttons below.

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