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Youth Development Studies Minor (online)

A Certificate in Youth Development Leadership is also available. The certificate is designed to equip professionals with competencies that augment their bachelor’s degree in a related field. The Certificate Program requires a minimum of 12 graduate credit hours of course work while taking into consideration the student’s academic background and preparation.

The PRTM undergraduate minor in youth development studies is designed for students interested in developing specialized knowledge related to working with youth, families and communities. This minor could greatly benefit students who plan to work with youth in schools, sports, medical settings, after school programs, camps, juvenile justice, residential treatment, nonprofit settings or if you plan to pursue a graduate degree.

The minor requires successful completion of five three-credit online* courses for a total of 15 credit hours. All courses are seven weeks long (half of a semester) and may be offered at the beginning or midpoint of a semester. Each course requires participation in a weekly synchronous meeting in Adobe Connect.

Students select a minimum of one three-credit hour course from each of the areas listed below:

Youth Development Foundations- YDP 3000 or YDP 3050

  • YDP 3000 - Youth Development in Society
  • YDP 3050 - Theory and Philosophy of Youth Work

Youth Development Systems/Context- YDP 3100 or YDP 3200

  • YDP 3100 - Youth Development and the Family
  • YDP 3200 - Youth Development in Sport and Physical Activities

Youth Development Programming- YDP 3300 or YDP 3400

  • YDP 3300 - Designing Effective Youth Programs
  • YDP 3400 - Delivering Effective Youth Programs

Students must also take any two additional Youth Development program courses (which can be from those listed above) to earn the 15 credits needed for the Youth Development Studies minor.

Contact William Quinn, Ph.D., at for additional information.