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Academic Forms for Current Students

While enrolled at Clemson University, there are a variety of different forms students may need to access and fill out. Some of the most commonly used forms, Academic Forgiveness, Approval of Credits from other Institutions, and the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), are listed below. Should you need additional information, please contact your advisor. A list of CECAS Advisors can be found on the Student Services Team page.

Academic Forgiveness

Academic Forgiveness form first page preview

Academic Forgiveness is a policy that allows for a student to improve their GPA by removing a D or F that was earned. Although academic forgiveness can improve a student’s GPA, it does reduce their earned credit hours so it is important that students speak with the Office of Student Financial Aid to see how academic forgiveness may affect scholarship eligibility. The Academic Forgiveness form requires the signature of the student’s advisor. Complete information about the Academic Forgiveness Policy including the conditions of the policy can be found on the Registrar's Academic Forgiveness page.


Approval of Credits to be Earned at Another School

Credit form first page preview

Clemson students that plan to take classes at another school should get approval in advance for each subject taken. The transcript from the other school must be received before credit earned can be awarded. The form requires the signature of the student’s advisor or the chair of the major department. Information can be found on the Registrar's Transfer Credits page. All policies concerning credits taken at other domestic institutions can be found on the Approval of Credits to Be Earned at Another School form.


Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) Release

FERPA form first page preview

The Family Educational and Privacy Act of 1974 allows eligible students certain rights of disclosure, nondisclosure, and correction of their education records. This extends to students at Clemson University, regards of age. General FERPA questions and tutorial can be found on the University Academic Advising page.


Program Fee Waiver

PRogram Fee form first page preview

Students who are no longer pursuing engineering or computing degrees and are unable to declare their intended major may apply for a Program Fee Waiver. Prior to submitting an application, students must meet with the new major advisor or an Academic Success Center Advisor and, if eligible, submit a Change of Academic Program request. Students should make every attempt to declare their major prior to submitting a waiver application.