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Course Support

Tutoring Session

Connect with a community of students who care about their academic success by taking advantage of FREE Course Support. Let our peer leaders offer tips and tricks, review concepts and practice problems, and help you improve your study skills. We offer several formats for support sponsored by various providers. Explore the areas below for more information on our programs.


Tutoring Sessions

General Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTA)

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants [UTAs] provide both in-class and out-of-classroom support to current General Engineering students. Because UTAs are in the classroom, they are better able to assist students regarding concepts and techniques taught in the courses. Support is available to any student enrolled in a general engineering course.

Video tutoring

Connect With Us

Contact your instructor if you need assistance.

Programs for Educational Enrichment and Retention (PEER) and Women in Science in Engineering (WISE)

PEER/WISE offers small group tutoring in Math, Science, Computer Science, and upper-level Engineering courses by peers who have successfully completed the course and been recommended by a faculty member. Group size varies based on demand. Support is available to all students in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences.

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Contact if you need assistance.

Residents in Science & Engineering (RISE)

RISE offers small group peer tutoring in introductory science, math, and engineering courses for those enrolled in the RISE program. Students can attend an in-person or virtual session depending on their preference and availability. In-person tutoring will be in the Lever classroom. For virtual tutoring, students in RISE will receive a link in the RISE Roundup (weekly newsletter)

Connect With Us

Contact if you need additional information.

Tutoring Schedules

Search by course using our interactive tool. Sessions will be held during the hours listed in the chart, except during Clemson University holidays and semester breaks.

Study Resources

Study Spaces

Where you study matters. There are several places around campus where you can study including the Why in Holtzendorff Lobby, the Fluor Study Hall in Freeman, the Academic Success Center, and the Cooper Library. Some areas offer quiet spaces while others are set up for studying in groups or collaborating on projects. To find out which spaces require appointments and which spaces suit your needs check the online reservation system.

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Study Groups

Study Buddies

Study Buddy AppFreeman Study Hall is by individual appointment only, but you can still connect with classmates to form a virtual study group, using the Study Buddies feature in CU Navigate. This mobile application allows students to see a list of actively enrolled courses that they can select to join for a study group.

Study Buddies is available on mobile and desktop apps. It will appear as its own icon in the Explore navigation guide of the mobile app and between Appointments and Resources on the desktop version.

Collaborative Whiteboard

For a virtual collaboration tool while working on group projects, please visit GoBoard. This interactive canvas allows up to five people to share while video conferencing.

Become A CECAS Tutor

Tutor application previewWe are seeking students who have an interest in sharing their knowledge of past courses with others. We offer competitive pay rates and a flexible schedule, with sessions taught virtually or on campus. Join our team to earn money and inspire the next class of Tigers!

As a CECAS tutor, you will meet with students to explain concepts and run through practice problems. The courses you tutor in will be based on ones you enjoy and have excelled in at Clemson.

Our staff will provide support along the way. We have proven tips and tricks on running a successful tutoring session, including a coordinator who will check in regularly to answer any questions. In addition, you will have a network of returning tutors who can assist you in navigating discussions and study groups.

The application process is simple with only a few specifications. Once we receive your application, one of our tutoring coordinators will reach out to you on the next steps. Questions can be directed to Serita Acker.


  • Good academic standing
  • Earned “A” or “B” in the course(s) you would like to tutor
  • Recommendation from a faculty member.



Academic Success Center

The ASC offers appointment-based and drop-in services. You can make a reservation for the 13 study rooms, for up to 2-hours, by making a reservation.

Zoom Information

To set up a Zoom account, please visit the Clemson Zoom site. Troubleshooting sign-in for zoom can be found on CCIT YouTube.

Additional Resources