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New Students

Make the Most of Your Clemson Experience

Welcome to Clemson. You are on your way to becoming a world-class engineer, computer scientist, or geologist.

The student experience in the College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences is centered around preparing and equipping you to achieve academic success; building genuine relationships to develop a supportive personal and professional network; and developing the skillset and mindset to be successful in your future career. This is your time to choose how you will write your own story.

Thriving students are engaged in and out of the classroom. They utilize their support network and take advantage of academic support resources. They manage their time wisely and find balance between class work and fun while taking care of their own wellbeing.

Each student defines success individually. While making good grades has value, ultimately, we want you to have a college experience full of exploring new opportunities, discovering your interests, and gaining the skills necessary to achieve your life goals.


To flourish or prosper; a state of being where one recognizes and leverages their full potential to make a positive impact and overcomes challenges in pursuit of their goals.

Explore the areas below for information that will help you get acclimated.


students walking on campus with orange backpacks