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Technology & Terms


Laptops are required for all students attending Clemson and must be set up by the time classes begin. While you are not required to purchase your laptop from Clemson, it is important that you consider whether the laptop you are planning to use has the capabilities to run the software you will need for your classes. We would encourage you to become familiar with Clemson’s Information Technology’s student support information. Here you will find recommended laptop models and preferred laptops by major. Clemson also offers workshops to help you get setup to use Clemson’s network, campus printing, and install the software you’ll need during your time at Clemson.


Below is a description of some software you will use while at Clemson.

  • Canvas - Clemson instructors use this platform to share important class documents, such as a syllabus, handouts and lecture notes, host online discussions, post calendars with assignment due dates and exam schedules, broadcast class announcements, collect and return assignments online, and allow students to check their grades online. If you are enrolled in a course that is using Canvas, the course will be added to your Canvas dashboard.
  • CU Navigate - A smartphone or computer app used to communicate with advisors and other campus partners, connect students to support services, and provide reminders. This is the primary way to schedule an appointment with your advisor.
  • Degree Works - Degree audit system that indicates requirements for graduation and progress toward degree. 
  • Duo - As part of Clemson’s commitment to protecting its community, the University has implemented two-factor authentication of various campus systems using Duo Security. Two- factor authentication asks individuals for a secondary confirmation of their identity at login using a physical device in their possession.
  • iROAR - Clemson’s Student Information System where you can view and pay your semester charges, check your class schedule, add/drop classes, view holds, and see your transcript.

Terms to Know

Here are some terms that you’ll hear frequently from your advisors, professors, and other students while enrolled at Clemson University.

  • Accommodation Letters - Documentation provided for you by Student Accessibility Services that allows academic accommodations if you have a verifiable physical, emotional, or learning impairment. You must provide current medical evidence of your situation to the Office of Student Accessibility Services. That office will prepare a letter for each of your professors outlining your accommodations, but not the condition. All information is confidential.
  • Academic Forgiveness Policy - Students who make a D or F in a course can request to have the grade forgiven, limited to a maximum of 2 courses. Some restrictions apply. More information is available in the 2021-2022 Undergraduate Announcements.
  • CGPA/GPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average/Grade Point Average - This is the measurement of your academic achievement at Clemson. Only courses you take at Clemson count in this calculation. Work taken at other schools is not included in your Clemson CGPA, but can be included in other GPA’s for scholarship purposes.
  • Credit to be Earned at Another School - This form allows a student to get pre-approval to take courses at another college or university and ensures that the course taken will be accepted for credit at Clemson.
  • Undergraduate Catalog - Online document also known as the academic catalog. Here, you’ll find curriculum outlines, course descriptions, policies, and other useful information.