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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a signed release from the employee required in order to process a verification?

OHR will release dates of employment and job title without a signed release. If salary information is requested, a signed release from the employee is required.

What is the response time for employment verification requests?

In most cases, OHR responds within 24 to 48 hours, but, in some cases, the response may take longer.

Can OHR provide verbal verification over the phone?

If OHR has already completed a written verification for the employee, verbal verification can be provided over the phone.

What information can be released regarding current and former employees?

Clemson University will release dates of employment, job title, and, with a signed release, salary.

If I am a supervisor or director and receive a request for employment verification, what should I do?

Send the request to OHR by fax (864-656-4672), email (, Ask HR or mail (Clemson University - Office of Human Resources: 108 Perimeter Rd, Clemson, SC, 29634, ATTN: Employee Records).

Is the fax number a secure fax?


Does Clemson accept electronic signatures on requests to release employment information?