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Office of Human Resources

Managing Performance Concerns

Staff Performance Concerns:

Supervisors should address performance deficiencies as they are identified. By recognizing performance deficiencies early and discussing them with the staff member, the supervisor provides the staff member the best opportunity for success.

Please consult with Staff Relations when deficiencies are noted to determine the appropriate performance management mechanism for your employee. These may include coaching or counseling, performance improvement plans or warning notice of substandard performance.

It is especially important to address performance problems with probationary employees in a timely manner.

Staff Performance Management Guidelines

Staff Performance Management Policy

Faculty Performance Concerns:

When addressing faculty performance concerns, please reach out to Faculty Relations. Additional consultations may also be needed with the dean or the provost offices.

Faculty Manual

“The Staff and Faculty Relations Team is here to provide support and assist you in effectively addressing performance concerns. Whether you are an employee or manager, our team can provide resources to help identify and remedy performance concerns.”

Joy Patton
Director of Staff and Faculty Relations

Resources for Addressing Performance Concerns

Clemson provides excellent training to help supervisors manage performance and conduct issues including Managing Performance Concerns and Misconduct and Difficult Conversations.

Supervisor Training

  • What is the difference between a PIP and a Warning Notice of Substandard Performance (staff employees only)?

    A Performance Improvement Plan is an informal tool to give an employee with performance deficiencies the opportunity to succeed. Specific goals are outlined for the employee and frequent meetings are scheduled for the employee and supervisor to discuss progress.

    A Warning Notice of Substandard Performance includes outlines the job duties, objectives, and/or competencies included on the staff member's planning document that are considered to be at an "unsuccessful" or “unacceptable” level. It also gives an explanation of the deficiencies for each job function, objective, and/or competencies listed as well as actions to take to improve the noted deficiencies. The Warning Notice is a more formal tool and changes the employee’s next review date.

    Please contact Staff and Faculty Relations to draft/issue a Performance Improvement Plan or a Warning Notice of Substandard Performance.

  • When do I do a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) or a Warning Notice?

    A PIP is typically developed after an overall “Improvement Needed” review or when an employee is struggling with one or more job functions or competencies. A Warning Notice may be issued at the unsuccessful conclusion of a PIP or when performance is failing or unsuccessful in one or more job duties and/or competencies. Staff Relations can assist with PIPs. All Warning Notices must be issued in conjunction with Staff Relations.

  • How do I performance manage an employee with FMLA or other leave issues?

    Performance concerns that also involve a health issue(s) should be referred to Staff and Faculty Relations.

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