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TalentSource Spousal/Partner Program

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TalentSource is a holistic approach to meeting the needs of dual-career families while bringing top talent to the Upstate. The program aims to connect its members with relevant job opportunities in the area. TalentSource also offers professional development opportunities to its members.

The TalentSource team is fully committed to supporting families in Upstate South Carolina. We acknowledge that meeting the needs of dual-career couples is imperative to attracting and retaining exceptional talent.

TalentSource is designed to assist spouses/partners of University employees with their job search and acclimation to the Upstate area.

*Note: Membership in TalentSource does not guarantee job placement.


  • Networking and access to community resources
  • First look at upcoming job opportunities in the area
  • Training seminars
  • Access to developmental resources and tools


Individuals are eligible for the TalentSource program if:

  1. Their spouse/partner has accepted a full-time offer of employment with Clemson University within the last year.
  2. They have completed the required application and screening (conducted after your application has been received).

To begin the process, the interested individual’s spouse/partner (Clemson University employee) should click “Apply Now” to complete the TalentSource referral form. Following that, an application will be sent directly to the interested individual.

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TalentSource Collaborator

As a TalentSource collaborator, your team will have access to our pool of qualified candidates who are pre-vetted and eager to explore new career opportunities.

Help us expand and develop premier talent in the Upstate one family at a time!

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Program Details

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my acceptance to the TalentSource Program guaranteed?

    You will be notified whether or not you’ve been accepted once you fulfill ALL entry-level requirements of the program.

    Program Requirements

    • Your spouse/partner has accepted a full-time offer of employment with Clemson (within the last 6 months)
    • Application to program, including an updated resume or CV on file
    • Spark Hire (one-way digital video interview)
    • SkillSurvey (references)
  • Am I guaranteed a job?

    While we cannot guarantee a job, Clemson is committed to providing developmental support at each stage of the process. We seek to match the best, most qualified candidates with long-term opportunities that leverage their specialized skills and abilities.

  • Will the program only help with obtaining employment at Clemson?

    The team will assist with identifying and connecting candidates with opportunities at Clemson AND across the Upstate region.

  • Is the program for faculty AND staff?

    Absolutely! The program services spouses/partners of academic and non-academic employees.

  • How can I leverage this program to get a job?

    If accepted, you can expect to be notified immediately to discuss next steps. Securing employment will depend on the time and effort you’re willing to invest. Keeping the lines of communication open and maintaining a high level of engagement is imperative.

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