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Office of Human Resources

Transfer within Clemson

The following information is provided to assist individuals separating from employment with Clemson University. This is general information and is not intended to replace or supersede other information you receive regarding your separation. If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact the Office of Human Resources (OHR) by visiting Ask-HR.

  • Making the decision to separate and when to separate
    • Meet with your supervisor to discuss your departure.
  • Upon having made the decision to separate
  • Transfers

    If you are taking another job at Clemson University or another S.C state agency without a break in service:

    It is important that you meet with an OHR Benefits Navigator prior to your separation to ensure that your benefits and payroll deductions are handled correctly.

  • Upon Notice of Separation
    • You should receive an offboarding email from OHR with guidance and links to information related to separating from employment with Clemson University.
    • When requested by your supervisor, engage in transition planning.
    • Cancel your payroll deductions (e.g., Parking, Tigerstripe, etc.).
      • To cancel your parking payroll deduction, complete the Payroll Deduction Election/Termination Form (PDF) and return to Parking Services at G-01 Edgar Brown Union or contact Parking Services at (864) 656-2270, at least two weeks prior to separation.
      • To cancel your TigerStripe payroll deduction and request reimbursement for the unused balance on your TigerOne card, contact TigerOne Card Services at (864) 656-0763 and complete the TigerOne payroll deduction form (PDF) at least two weeks prior to separation.

    Contact the University’s Human Resources Service Center at Ask-HR with questions regarding any of the following:

    • Continuation of health coverage under COBRA
    • Conversion or continuation of life insurance
    • Distribution of retirement contributions
    • Paid time remaining
    • Leave balances
    • Retirement accounts
    • Employment verification process for future reference
  • Two Weeks Prior to Separation Date
    • Settle all University accounts and pending reimbursements, including any outstanding parking or library fines.
      • Visit parking services located at G01-Edgar Brown Union or contact (864) 656-2270.
      • Clemson University Libraries is located at 116 Sigma Dive and can be reached by calling (864) 656-3311.
    • Consult with your supervisor and Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT) at (864) 656-3494 for retention and / or disposition of email, home directory files, websites and other electronic materials.
    • Ensure that any outstanding leave requests are submitted in your designated time keeping system (e.g., Kronos).
    • If you are a supervisor, address any leave requests submitted by employees you supervise in your designated time keeping system (e.g., Kronos).
    • If you are a supervisor, ensure that budgetary records, HR reviews (evaluations, correspondence, etc.), letters or emails containing resource commitments and unit strategic plans are labeled and organized in hardcopy files for the supervisory successor.
  • One Week Prior to Separation Date
    • Engage in departmental offboarding with your supervisor, which may include any of the tasks listed in this section.
    • Remove all of your personal items from offices.
    • Return all University property to your supervisor or appropriate department. Review the Checklist for Separating from Employment (PDF) for a list of possible items that may need to be returned to your supervisor. At the request of your supervisor, review and sign the Separating Employee section of the Separation Processing Checklist (PDF), which documents that you have returned all University property.
    • Establish an out-of-office Outlook message, with an effective date, stating that you are no longer with the University and directing all questions and concerns to your “back-up” contact. Be sure to set the out-of-office replies in Outlook to begin on the day of your separation.
    • Ensure your mailing address is correct in the Clemson University Business System (CUBS) by visiting
  • After Separation Date

    Submit any subsequent address changes.

Office of Human Resources
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