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There are a variety of yoga options open to Clemson Employees

  • Garden Yoga
    • Offered by the South Carolina Botanical Garden
  • Fike Recreation Fitness Classes
    • Group Fitness classes that are offered at Fike

Karatedo Doshinkan

Karatedo Doshinkan is a traditional, non-competitive martial art that offers a unique combination of full body exercise and training for the mind/spirit. We engage our bodies and our minds while becoming more focused and aware, improving our coordination and flexibility, becoming stronger, and learning self-defense techniques. Our movements are designed to be healthy and to work out each part of the body. Our classes focus on hard techniques (as seen in many karate movies), soft techniques (as seen in Tai Chi), kata (a sequence of movements), and controlled partner training where we learn to apply our techniques. Karatedo Doshinkan is a traditional martial art designed for adults that emphasizes individual learning and growth.

Our beginner’s classes meet from 5:30 to 6:45 pm usually in the Hendrix Center. For more information click here. Click here for information about our class times and locations.

For more information please contact June J. Pilcher at