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Employee Exit Interview Process

Upon verification of an employee's separation, retirement or transfer of employment in the Clemson University Business System, the appropriate department representative will notify The Office of Human Resources of the separation. The Office of Human Resources will contact the employee to notify the employee of the exit interview process. Employees will be informed to schedule an exit interview through the online scheduling tool. Advance scheduling arrangements will be made to the extent possible.

Employee Reminder regarding benefits:
For questions regarding insurance and/or retirement deductions please contact us through Ask-HR.

It is important for employees and departments to be informed of the storage, availability and use of the exit interview form.  The exit interview form is filed in a confidential file within the Office of Human Resources.  Supervisors and departments are not given access to view exit interview forms completed by employees.  Collective comments, suggestions and concerns non specific to a person, that could be helpful, may be shared with departments.  If there are any legal, policy or procedure issues identified during the exit interview or noted on the exit interview form that need to be addressed, this information will also be shared with appropriate individuals.

For questions regarding the form or its completion please contact us through Ask-HR.