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Clemson University Graduate School

Student Defense Entry Details


Extreme Value Analysis of NFL Combine Performances

Philip Smith
09:30 AM
Martin O-10
Mathematical Sciences (0975)

Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Advanced High-power Single-mode 9xxnm Semiconductor Lasers

Xiaolei Zhao
10:30 AM
AMRL Conference Room
Electrical & Computer Engr (0915)

Approximating 2D Style With 3D Animation: Visual Shading and Animation Techniques

Sean Meade
12:00 PM
Zucker Editing Suite
Electrical & Computer Engr (0915)

Selected Topics on Sequential Designs for Decision Making

Caroline Kerfonta
01:00 PM
Martin Hall M305
Mathematical Sciences (0975)

Situational Intelligence Systems for Autonomous Vehicles

Rahul Prasanna Kumar
02:00 PM
CU-ICAR Campus CGEC 423
Automotive Engineering (0926)

Putin's War on Ukraine: The Evolution of Russian Nationalism and Collective Identity

David Askew
02:30 PM
Hardin Hall Room 024
Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities (0501)