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Student Defense Calendar Details


Toward Computer Aided Management Of Kidney Disease

Vipul Pai Raikar
08:30 AM
Rhodes 302
Bioengineering (0905)

Comparison of FEA Simulations and Experimental Results for As-built Additively Manufactured Dogbone Specimens

Prathamesh Baikerikar
09:00 AM
EIB 132
Mechanical Engineering (0921) (0921)

Impact of TIF in South Carolina

Junsoo Ahn
10:00 AM
Lee 2-129
Planning, Dev & Preservation (0511)

An Extension of an Error-Correcting Algorithm for Hermitian Codes

Andrew Pangia
11:30 AM
Martin O-10
Mathematical Sciences (0975)

Plain and Technical Language in Zika virus Literature

Renesha Poole
12:00 PM
Class of '41 Studio for Student Communication
English (0523)

yang song

yang song
12:15 PM
Lee 2-318
Landscape Architecture (0512)

A Bridge over Troubled Water: Induction Teachers' Perspectives Regarding their Efficacy towards Meeting the Needs of Diverse Populations of Students

Lacresha Byrd
01:00 PM
Tillman Hall Room 420
Educational and Organizational Leadership Development (0707)

Re-Imagining Identity for Seaside Towns

01:00 PM
Lee 3 - 101
Landscape Architecture (0512)

Impacts of Rail Transit Investment on Demographics and Land Use: 1990-2010

Aubrey Trinidad
01:00 PM
Lee 2 Rm. 129
Planning, Dev & Preservation (0511) (0511)

Rich State, Poor State: Essays on economic disparity within India

Abir Mandal
02:15 PM
Sirrine Hall 228
Economics (1309)

"I'm the Family Member No One Talks About"

Manuel Rodriguez
03:00 PM
Erwin Center, Daniel Hall
Communications Studies (0533)

An Examination of Predictors of Variance in the Caloric Content of Specific Bites of Food

James Salley
03:30 PM
Brackett Hall, Room 419
Psychology (1355)