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Student Defense Calendar Details


Island Identities: Analysis of South Carolina Barrier Island Architecture

Claire Bushemi
08:00 AM
Spoleto Office
School Of Architecture (0503)

Effects of Wind Loading of Large Balcony Projections

William Ashman
09:30 AM
125 Lowry Hall
Civil Engineering (0911)

An Exploration of Employed College Student Experiences in Work and Leisure

Katherine Jordan
10:00 AM
Edwards 116
Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt (0735)

Mechanisms of fluconazole-based aneuploidy in Cryptococcus neoformans

Damiana Altamirano
11:00 AM
LSF 142
Genetics and Biochemistry (0318)

Structural Failure Patterns of Mid-Nineteenth Century Masonry Buildings of Charleston

Andrea Cooper
12:00 PM
14 George Street
School Of Architecture (0503)

Genomic Data Mining for Functional Annotation of Human Long Non-Coding RNAs

Brian Gudenas
02:00 PM
Poole F149
Genetics and Biochemistry (0318)