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Student Defense Calendar Details


Factors That Protect Children from Violence: Findings from a Community-based Sample of South African Children

Nancy Suzanne Falconer
09:00 AM
2073 Barre Hall
Youth Family and Comm Studies (0756) (0756)

Economic Impact of TIF (Tax Increment Financing)

Junsoo Ahn
11:00 AM
Lee 2-129
Planning, Dev & Preservation (0511) (0511)

Metrics of Documentation

Valerie Smith
11:00 AM
ASC 220
English (0523)

Orson Fowler’s Influence in the Shenandoah Valley: Gravel Wall Buildings in Augusta County, Virginia

Samuel Biggers
01:00 PM
Spoleto Office (14 George Street, Charleston, SC)
School Of Architecture (0503)

Come Hell or High Water: Flood Mitigation and Resilience in the Holy City

Diana Inthavong
02:00 PM
Spoleto Office
School Of Architecture (0503)

Master of Arts in Professional Communication

Nidhi Verma
02:00 PM
Academic Success Center
English (0523)

Investigating Seismic Successes and Failures in 1886 Charleston

James Stevenson Lyles
04:00 PM
Spoleto Office
School Of Architecture (0503)