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Student Defense Calendar Details


Capturing, Mapping, and Analyzing Clemson University’s Academic Building Utility Consumption

Henry Busch
10:00 AM
Brackett 342
Environmental Engr & Earth Sci (0919)

Designs and Fabrications on Array Waveguide Gratings for Hybrid Integration

Xiangfeng Chen
01:00 PM
AMRL Seminar Room(First Floor)
Electrical & Computer Engr (0915) (0915)

Affective Gaming: At the Intersection of Rhetoric, Affect, and Video Games

Joshua Wood
01:00 PM
Pearce Center for Professional Communication
Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities (0501)

MAPC Portfolio Defense

Xue Ding
02:00 PM
Academic Success Center Room 221
English (0523) (0523)

Rendering 3D Fractals

Zachary Shore
02:00 PM
McAdams 118 Suite
School of Computing (0974)