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Student Defense Calendar Details


Are CYP2B and CYP3A important in hepatic lipid metabolism?

Ramiya Kumar
09:00 AM
Jordon room
Biological Sciences (0314)

Experiences between college male group exercise participants and non-participants

Demar Jackson
01:00 PM
116 Edwards Conference Room
Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt (0735) (0735)

Graphene foam and helically coiled carbon nanotubes as energy storage media

Anthony Childress
01:00 PM
Watt center, room 203
Physics And Astronomy (0978)

Health Insurance and Social Welfare

Qiwei He
01:30 PM
Sirrine 228 Common Room
Economics (1309)

Stephen Hundley

Stephen Hundley
01:30 PM
ASC 222
English (0523)

Layout and Animation Development for the Animated Short Making Friends

Daniel Raitz
02:00 PM
School of Computing (0974) (0974)

Walter Lee

Walter Lee
04:00 PM
Old Main Room 320
Educational and Organizational Leadership Development (0707) (0707)