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Student Defense Calendar Details


Convex Hulls, Relaxations, and Approximations of General Monomials and Multilinear Functions

Yibo Xu
09:00 AM
Martin O-10
Mathematical Sciences (0975) (0975)

The Influence of Yoga on Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury Related to Sleep and Mood

Charity Hubbard
09:00 AM
Lehotsky 285a
Parks Recreation & Tourism Mgt (0735)

Evaluation of Pedometer Performance Across Multiple Gait Types Using Video for Ground Truth

Ryan Mattfeld
10:30 AM
Riggs 100A
Electrical & Computer Engr (0915)

Addressing Growth in Unincorporated Zones: Powdersville, SC

Austin Haskins
11:15 AM
Lee 2-129
Dean of Arch,Arts&Humanities (0501)

The Role of Social Distance in Narrative Persuasion for Risk Prevention

Yiwei Xu
12:00 PM
304 Daniel Hall
Communications Studies (0533)

Impact of non-safety licensing standards on relative foster homes

Chris Worl
12:30 PM
228D Sirrine Hall
Economics (1309)

William Jordan Lloyd

William Lloyd
01:00 PM
Lee 2 -129
Planning, Dev & Preservation (0511)

Establishing a Protocol to Observe Leadership Behaviors in Engineering Design Teams

Doug Chickarello
01:00 PM
Room 215 Fluor Daniel Building
Mechanical Engineering (0921)

The Functions of Fairy Tales

Daniel Atkinson
01:00 PM
Pearce Center
English (0523)

Loggerhead Shrike Habitat Selection in South Carolina

Jennifer Froehly
02:00 PM
Lehotsky 113
Forestry and Environmental Conservation (0317)

Assessment of the Structural and Thermal Behavior of Concrete Masonry Construction Via Experimentally Informed Numerical Models

Marcos Martinez
03:30 PM
Fluor Daniel Engineering, Room 108
Civil Engineering (0911) (0911)