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Student Defense Calendar Details


Systems engineering approaches to minimize the viral spread of social media challenges

Amro Khasawneh
10:30 AM
101 Riggs Hall
Industrial Engineering (0920) (0920)

Using Activity Based Costing to Inform Resource Allocation in Higher Education

Alexander McCafferty
10:30 AM
Tillman 420
Educational and Organizational Leadership Development (0707)

Design and evaluation of flow mapping systems for heterogeneous wireless networks

Jianwei Liu
10:30 AM
McAdams 106
School of Computing (0974)

Removal of Bromide from Natural Waters: Bromide-Selective vs. Conventional Ion Exchange Resins

Meryem Soyluoglu
03:00 PM
L.G. Rich Environmental Research Laboratory
Environmental Engr & Earth Sci (0919)

The Processing of Binder Jet Multi-Material 3D Printing to Improve upon Material Properties

Sara Damas
03:45 PM
EIB 215
Mechanical Engineering (0921) (0921)