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Student Defense Calendar Details


Calcium Selective Polymeric Contrast Agents

Christian Nguyen
09:30 AM
Sirrine 158
Materials Science and Engineering (0971)

Design and Analysis of Stiffness-Switching Joint for Robotic Applications

Joshua Kaufmann
10:00 AM
132 EIB
Mechanical Engineering (0921)

A Crash Course in Liberal Education: An Analysis of Civically Engaged Edutainment Videos

Caitlin Anderson
11:00 AM
Daniel 304
Communications Studies (0533)

Student Conceptualization of Stoichiometry

Khushi Patel
01:00 PM
Long Hall 123
Engineering & Science Educ (0956) (0956)

Frictions in the Youth Labor Market: Theory and Evidence

Guanghua Wang
01:30 PM
Sirrine 228 Common Room
Economics (1309)

Modeling and Optimization of Self-Healing Polymers

Amy Murdaugh
03:00 PM
Martin Hall 0-10
Mathematical Sciences (0975)

Computational Configurations of The Truelist

Emma Stanley
03:30 PM
Pearce Center
English (0523)