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Student Defense Calendar Details


Iron Phosphate Glass for the Immobilization of Dehalogenated Salt Waste

Matthew Page
08:00 AM
Sirrine 158
Materials Science and Engineering (0971) (0971)

Behavioral ecology of the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) in human-dominated landscapes of coastal South Carolina

Anjelika Kidd Weaver
09:00 AM
Lehotsky 231
Forestry and Environmental Conservation (0317) (0317)

Evaluation of Novel Management Options for Bacteial Spot of Peach

Daniela Negrete
09:00 AM
Plant and Environmental Sciences (0310) (0310)

Empowering Older Adults With Their Digital Privacy Management

Reza Ghaiumy Anaraky
09:00 AM
School of Computing (0974)

Deciding On The Number Of Classes In Latent Class Analysis By Using Information Criteria

Nafiseh Ebrahimi
10:00 AM
Virtual via zomm
Mathematical Sciences (0975)

Transforming Character Faces Based on Perceived Personality Traits

Kara Porter
10:00 AM
Zucker Family Graduate Center Theatre
School of Computing (0974)

Applications of Performance Based Design and Predictive Neural Networks in Structural Fire Engineering

Deanna Craig
12:00 PM
TBD, either in Lowry or Zoom depending on Thanksgi
Civil Engineering (0911)

Pedagogical Data Literacy With Multi-tiered System Of Supports: A Mixed Methods Study Of Teachers Using Data-Driven Reading Instruction In A Title I School

Paula Alexander
01:00 PM
Zoom (contact student for link)
Educational and Organizational Leadership Development (0707)

Monitoring Water Quality and Evaluating Potential Drivers of Algal Blooms in the Upper Yampa River Watershed

Erin Weitzel
01:00 PM
Zoom (Link can be obtained from Ms. Barbara Smith)
Environmental Engr & Earth Sci (0919)

The Role of Fatty Acid Metabolism in the Pathogenesis of Trypanosoma brucei

Nava Poudyal
02:00 PM
Life Science Facility (LSF) 142
Genetics and Biochemistry (0318)

Unveiling the potential of calcium and natamycin for Botrytis blight management on cut roses.

Melissa Munoz
02:00 PM
A206 P&A bulding
Plant and Environmental Sciences (0310)

The Relationships Between College and Career Assessments

Charlotte Bruner
04:30 PM
Educational and Organizational Leadership Development (0707) (0707)