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Department Communications Studies

Alexandria Jenkins
Are You Still With Her? Basking in Reflected Glory and Cutting Off Reflected Failure Frameworks and the Clinton Campaign Twitter Hashtags

01:00 PM
Daniel 303
Vanessa Vaccaro
Comprehensive Exams on Social Media Analytics and Public Relations with Qualitative Methodology

08:00 AM
Daniel 303
Kathryn Staggs
#Gatlinburg: Examining Affective and Informative Social Media Content During the 2016 Gatlinburg Wildfires

09:00 AM
Daniel 303
Yiwei Xu
The Role of Social Distance in Narrative Persuasion for Risk Prevention

12:00 PM
304 Daniel Hall
Colby Lanham
Taking a Knee: A Framing Analysis of NFL Protests Through Editorial Mainstream Media

10:00 AM
Erwin Center Daniel 303