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Department Environmental Engr & Earth Sci

Theodore Langlois
An Impact-Based Visual Analysis of the Toxics Release Inventory

12:00 PM
Brackett Hall, Room 342
Kameryn McGee
The influence of high and low mass loading rates of activated carbon on biodegradation of chlorinated solvents.

11:00 AM
Rich Lab
Morgan Ivey
Influence of Methane Inhibitors and High Molecular Mass Electron Donors on Chlorinated Solvent Biodegradation

02:00 PM
Rich Lab Conference Room
Thomas Spain
Feasibility Study of Thermal Treatment for Mercury Recovery from Soils

02:00 PM
Brackett Hall #343
Victoria Sellers
Geologic Mapping of the Northern Third of the Six Mile 7.5-Minute Quadrangle, South Carolina, USA

01:30 PM
Watt Family Innovation Center 323
Franco Foglia
Evaluation of effectiveness of tannin removal by alkaline pretreatment on sorghum for ethanol production blended with corn

12:30 PM
Brackett Conference Room #342
Numan Habip
Formation and Speciation of Disinfection By-Products in Effluent Impacted Waters

01:30 PM
Rich Lab Conference Room #164
Caitlin Root
Risk Assessment and Analysis of Various Radiation Safety Cultures in a University Setting

01:00 PM
CETL Conference Room
Yoel Gebrai
Modeling and Designing a Hydraulic Source Zone Isolation System

02:00 PM
Brackett Conference Room #342
Alexander Rogier
Animal Co-products as Novel Electron Donors for Biodegradation of Trichloroethene and Hexavalent Chromium

10:30 AM
Rich Lab conference room
Maria Cristina Silva Lemes
Biodegradation of Chlorobenzenes and Nitrotoluenes at an Industrial Site in South America

01:00 PM
Rich Lab
Jason Gleaton
Biocementation of Martian Regolith

10:00 AM
342 Brackett Hall
Cassidy Laird
Effects of Phosphorus Concentration on Algal Composition and Bioprocessing Potential

09:30 AM
342 Brackett Hall
Audrey Fisher
Analysis of Slope Failure on Cochrane Road, Dominica Prior to Hurricane Maria

01:00 PM
Brackett Conference Room #342
Eric Boley
A Meta-Analysis of the Enantioselective Biodegradation of Select Chiral Polychlorinated Biphenyls

03:00 PM
Brackett 342
Henry Busch
Capturing, Mapping, and Analyzing Clemson University’s Academic Building Utility Consumption

10:00 AM
Brackett 342
Weiming Qi
Ceramic Microfiltration of High-strength Industrial Wastewater Using an Automated System

09:00 AM
Rich Lab
Victoria Guerrero
Effects of dissolved CO2 on organic and inorganic fouling and cleaning of RO membranes

09:00 AM
Rich Lab Conference Room #164
Mary Kilgo
Environmental Impact Predictions for Disposal of Emerging Energy Technologies in Solid Waste Landfills: Application to Lithium Ion Batteries and Photovoltaic Modules

03:00 PM
Brackett #342
Bryan Hardin
Non Thesis

02:00 PM
Bracket Conference Room