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Health Insurance

Student Insurance Brochure

The Clemson University Student Health Insurance brochure can be found on the Clemson Student Health Services Insurance and Billing page.

Mandatory Health Insurance for Graduate Students

Redfern Health Center (RHC) provides efficient and economical primary care for Clemson University students but there are times when students may need specialty care that RHC cannot provide.  For example, treatment for an illness or injury that requires hospitalization, diagnostic radiology, surgery or long term care requires access to facilities outside the scope of student health services.  High costs associated with health care can result in potentially devastating medical bills that could interfere with educational and career objectives. 

Clemson University has always recommended that students have health insurance to ensure access to health services and to provide coverage for serious illness or injury that may require hospitalization or specialty care.  Graduate Student Government (GSG) has addressed this issue to support mandatory comprehensive health insurance coverage for graduate students with a health insurance subsidy provided to Graduate Assistants.

Health insurance is required for the following categories of students who are considered Mandatory or Hard Waiver enrollees:

  • Graduate students enrolled in nine credit hours or more on the main campus in Clemson
  • Graduate students classified as graduate assistants at all campus locations
  • International students (graduate and undergraduate)

This is a hard waiver requirement administered by RHC.  Students in these categories will be charged for the Clemson University Student Insurance with tuition and fees.  Students already covered by parent, spouse or employer group plans may submit an online request for waiver of the Student Insurance fee.  Insurance plans submitted for waiver must comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requirements.  All waiver requests are verified with the insurance company submitted before waiver will be granted.  To view waiver requirements please go to the Clemson Student Health Services Insurance and Billing web page.

For more information, see the Student Health Services landing page.